Benefits Comparison
Water Conservation
Sample Sites
Rain Water Recharging Into Aquifer
aG Capiphon Drain Belt
bG Seepage water through
capillary action
cG River bed sediment
@@ Capiphon Drain Belt may lead the rainwater quickly down to aquifer through capillary action simulating the root of trees. Reducing riverbed sediments and flooding caused by running off water. Reserved water in aquifer also prevents possible drought.
Subsurface Irrigation
G Supply side pipe
G Capiphon Drain Belt
cG Seepage irrigation
dG Capiphon Drain Belt
@GExcessive watercollecting pipe
@@ Sub surface irrigation may reduce evaporation loss up to 60% of irrigation water. By controlling the water head of supply side pipe, providing only adequate water to the root of vegetation. The excessive water may be re-collected by collecting pipe.
G Supply & collecting pipe
G Capiphon Drain Belt
@cG Over saturated water flow
G Capiphon Drain Belt
@G Rain water seepage flow @
@@ Over saturated rainwater may be absorbed through Capiphon Drain Belt and drained through collecting pipe. Helping the vegetations grow under good condition.

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